Modelling Center

The Center Objective: improving the systems of the oil production targets development on the basis of geological and hydrodynamic modeling data aimed at increasing crude oil production and reducing the water cut:

  • Terrigenous development targets under long-term development (over 50 years);
  • Carbonate targets with consideration of cavernous and fractured zones.


  • Office of methodological and petrophysical support;
  • Office of geological modeling;
  • Office of hydrodynamic modeling, monitoring and justification of WBI.

Main Activity Areas

Strategic Objectives

  • Improving the development of oil facilities based on geological and hydrodynamic modeling data;
  • Improving the success of geological and technical measures implemented at the fields;
  • Increasing crude oil production by 5-7% of the baseline production forecast level 2 years after the model was commissioned.

Development Strategy