About the Technology Development Center

There is a new organizational model for managing the innovation activities introduced at TATNEFT Group, as part of implementing the innovation development strategy in the Company.
The key transformation in the frame of the target management model is the centralization of innovation activities in the Technology Development Center of PJSC TATNEFT.
The Technology Development Center (TDC) was established in July 2018 on the basis of the Engineering Center of PJSC TATNEFT and it is located at 88, Telmana Atreet, Almetyevsk. Ruslan Gabdelrakibovich Zabbarov, Phd., Technical, is a Director of the Technology Development Center.

TDC includes three main blocks:

  • Block of planning and methodological support of innovation;
  • Block of design and expert work;
  • Support block of innovative processes.

The main objective of the TDC’s activity is the implementation of an effective innovation management system and the solution of business challenges, ensuring:

in the upstream sector: an increase in the marginality of the current highly depleted production assets portfolio and an increase of the highly marginal share of stock reserves in the total production volume; increase of economic efficiency of crude oil production, exploration and well drilling processes.
in the downstream sector: reducing the oil refining costs and improving the structure of the yielded petroleum products basket; an increase in the share and assimilation of new markets for products of the petrochemical complex; increase in the marginality and the sale volume of distributive assets.

In addition, the TDC also includes division that ensure the improvement of the development system for oil facilities based on the geological and hydrodynamic modeling (the Modelling Center).