Corporate Innovation Development Service:

  • Strategic consulting, implementation and adaptation of the innovative development methodology in business areas of TATNEFT Group of Companies.
  • Effectiveness evaluation of the of innovation processes, consolidation of data on the innovation strategy in the Group’s business areas.
  • Training of innovation process participants in the Group's business areas in terms of changes in the innovation activity methodology.

Innovation Planning Office:

  • Business analysis and innovation activities planning.
  • Information management and development of business analysis tools.
  • Information management and development of business analysis tools.

Project Management Office:

  • Methodological support of the project management process (within the innovation activities range).
  • Administrative management of innovative projects.

Office of Expertise and Development of Oil Production Technologies:

  • Organization of events for updating business challenges based on current trends in the external environment, and the strategic objectives of PJSC TATNEFT in the Company’s functional areas.
  • Organization of identification and digitization of technological challenges facing the Company.
  • Initiation of launching implementational projects to replicate efficient existing solutions aimed at solving business challenges.
  • Organization of discovery and management of innovative projects to address the Company’s business and technological challenges, accomplish strategic objectives, as well as search for new efficient technologies, equipment and operating procedures.
  • Interaction with equipment manufacturers, research organizations and universities. Analysis of their activities’ results in order to find technical solutions and attract third-party companies to address the Company’s current technological challenges.
  • Elaboration of measures to optimize the operating costs of supervised production processes and the introduction of innovative solutions to counter the Company’s technological challenges; organization and execution of activities aimed at achieving the strategic objectives of the Company through the development and replication of results (products) of the innovation activities in the Company’s functional areas.
  • Organization and management of the processes of shaping the R & D and pilot works portfolio of PJSC TATNEFT in the areas of the Office activities.
  • Performance of the technical expertise with regard to existing processes and technical solutions, scientific and technical handling, best practices, ideas, proposals and competitive works aimed at optimizing operational and capital costs in the areas of activity.
  • Organization of the Company’s the expert functioning in the areas of the Company’s activities.
  • Inspection performance of techniques and calculations of the economic application effect of technologies and equipment, rational proposals, inventions and utility models.

Key Innovation Processes Support Office:

  • Support and administrative management of key innovation processes: R & D, pilot projects and best practices application. Improving and enhancing the efficiency of these processes. The work organization on the conclusion and performance of contracts.
  • Organization of works to maximize the use of state support tools for financing innovative projects.
  • Methodological consultation and training of professionals of the Company participating in innovative processes.
  • Communication with the external environment. Attendance arrangements of the events (conferences, exhibitions, fairs) by the Company's professionals. Interaction with universities, scientific and technical institutes and organizations, as well as manufacturers in the field of the Company’s activity.

Intellectual Property Development Office:

  • Improving the efficiency of innovation and inventive activities. Organization of work on searching and selecting the ideas and proposals aimed at improving the production efficiency of PJSC TATNEFT. Development of a motivation system for participants in the process of innovation and inventive activities. Cost planning for innovation and inventive activities. Monitoring compliance with the limits and the utilization of dedicated funding sources. Participation in organizing and conducting the industry-scale, republican or federal competitions and review contests in the area of innovation and invention. Organization of interaction with the Research and Technology Associations of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Russian Federation. Preparation of materials for works nominated for awards in the industry-scale, republican and other competitions.
  • Patent Service “From an Idea to the Patent”. The work organization on the reception of forms for the alleged patent applications. The work organization on the preparation of a set of application documents for electronic submission of applications to the Federal Institute of Industrial Property. Preparation of answers, objections to the expert's decision of the “FIPS” Federal State Budgetary Institution. Interaction with FSBI "FIPS" on the registration of the rights transfer to use the inventions, utility models, trademarks of PJSC TATNEFT, responses to the requests or instructions.
  • Improving the Efficiency of Intangible Assets Management. Organization of a unified intangible assets management system at PJSC TATNEFT in the following areas: creation of intangible assets, ensuring legal protection and safe-keeping of exclusive rights for intangible assets, analyzing local regulations related to the management of intellectual deliverables and interaction with third-party organizations. Safe-keeping of the intellectual property. The work organization on the compliance with contractual relations in the management system of IP and intangible assets, which are on the books of PJSC TATNEFT. The estimation of the commercial value and the amount of remuneration under license agreements, calculation of the author's royalties for intangible assets. Formation and maintenance of the unified commercial register of the PJSC TATNEFT’s intellectual property. External commercialization of the innovations.

Office of Oil and Gas Fields Development and Exploration:

  • Screening of technologies for efficient field development, geophysical studies and geological exploration.
  • Participation in innovative projects to address the business and technological challenges of the Company in the area of geological exploration and oil/gas fields development.
  • Analysis of fields development (identification of problems, finding effective solutions).