Wellbore Intervention Center

The main objective of the WBI Center is to increase the efficiency of WBI at PJSC TATNEFT in the following areas:

  • drilling of wells (directional, with horizontal completion, multilateral and small diameter wells, sidetracking and lateral horizontal wellbore drilling) in terms of implementing the geological support for the well construction;
  • methods of primary and secondary drilling-in;
  • physical and physico-chemical methods of the well stimulation;
  • proppant-based, acid and combined (hybrid) reservoir hydraulic fracturing (RHF);
  • multi-stage RHF in horizontal, multilateral wells;
  • RHF in unconventional reservoirs;
  • methods of enhanced oil recovery (flow-diverting, gas, hydrodynamic, microbiological, thermal, and combined methods of treatment);
  • matrix and large-volume acid RHFs;
  • selective BHTs (with diverters) and with complex component composition;
  • multistage matrix and bulk BHTs in horizontal and multilateral wells (including small diameter wells).

The main functions of the WBI Center are:

  1. Study, examination and analysis of the information necessary for planning WBI operations by the professionals of NGDU and the Executive Office of PJSC TATNEFT.
  2. Justification of selecting the WBI technology type.
  3. Participation in the project and engineering support of WBI. Control over the compliance WBI established technological regulations of production and quality assurance of WBI execution.
  4. Work organization on analyzing of the effectiveness of the activities carried out.
  5. Factor analysis of primary and secondary stripping of producing horizons.
  6. Criteria definition for improving the quality of the primary drilling-in together with experts of the Well Construction Department, continuous improvement.
  7. Elaboration of measures to identify and protect recompletion horizons, when constructing the wells.
  8. 8. Development and implementation of recommendations to increase the efficiency of WBIs and reduce the work performance costs.
  9. Determination of the wells’ productivity potential.
  10. Participation in tenders for the performance of maintenance services and technical audit of service companies.
  11. Participation in the execution support of R&D and NTU (technical standard terms), experimental and pilot field work, introduction of new equipment and technologies of PJSC TATNEFT in the area of well stimulation, methods of enhanced oil recovery and drilling. Carrying out the effectiveness analysis of their execution.
  12. Search organization of new efficient technologies, equipment, work methods, ideas and proposals in the area of well flow stimulation, well drilling and methods for enhanced oil recovery. Performance of the feasibility study analysis in terms of their application at PJSC TATNEFT.
  13. Replicating the best practices at PJSC TATNEFT based on the WBI results.
  14. Interaction with research organizations and universities.

The WBI Center interacts in the course of business activity with all departments and services of the Engineering Center, the Executive Office, structural divisions, subsidiaries of PJSC TATNEFT, service companies and third-party organizations on issues related to the activities of the WBI Center.

WBI Center Structure

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